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Welcome to Seconds Count Security System

Created to provide an affordable and effective security system for the majority of homeowners, college dormitories, and small businesses, the Seconds Count® Security System is designed to save lives. In a home invasion, time is crucial. Immediately upon a door or window sensor being activated, a loud audible alarm is engaged. Press the Blue Security Button on the emergency pendant and you will instantly be in two-way communication with an emergency dispatcher. An emergency strobe light is also activated to deter vandals and alert emergency responders to your location, bringing help to your door sooner.

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  • Saves Time

    Saves Time

    Immediately notify authorities when security is compromised.

  • Two-Way Communication

    Two-Way Communication

    Instant two-way communication with your local emergency dispatcher.

  • Loud Audible Alarm

    Loud Audible Alarm

    Scare away intruders and alert others of the situation.

  • Push of the Button Technology

    Push of the Button Technology

    When a door or window alarm is activated, press the Blue Security “Help” Button.

  • Emergency Strobe Light

    Emergency Strobe Light

    Cut response time by giving a visual marker for emergency responders.

  • Use Indoors & Outdoors

    Use Indoors & Outdoors

    Features a 600′ radius using landline, Time Warner and VoIP services.

borderWhy Choose Us?

So why choose the Seconds Count® Security System? For starters, it was designed to eliminate that critical time from the point of intrusion to when your law enforcement agency is notified. Did you know we can now connect to the following services?

  • Cell
  • ISP
  • Vonage
  • Landlines
  • And Most Modems & Computers!

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What Our Customers Say

  • I have a monitored security system in my home, but came to realize with this system called Seconds Count, that in a home invasion or personal emergency. I needed a product to get me help in seconds and not minutes. I was really surprised with the cost to own, it’s very affordable.

    - D.S. | Homeowner
  • I purchased the Seconds Count security system because as a single woman alone
    I wanted the added security of getting help by simply pushing a button.

    - P. Carrier | Homeowner
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